Liteheart Abyssinians

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Updated: 8/24/2022

We have a new litter from Izabel and Taz. To view click here.

We raise beautiful CFA registered Abyssinians in Fairdale KY.

My love affair with these beautiful cats began in 2005 flipping through a large coffee table book on cat breeds. My grandfather; a retired veterinarian, had a wonderful library and always had large hard cover books with lots of pictures. As a child those  books were my favorite (they still are). The first Abyssinian cat I ever saw was pictured in one of these books, and when I looked at it I was intrigued by the elegant, natural but exotic and even wild appearance of these special felines. From then on it was my dream to own, breed and exhibit Abyssinians.


It was my good fortune to befriend a wonderful lady in Oregon who graciously provided me with two female kittens who I named Adelaide and Jillian. The rest is history. Our focus has been with the ruddy variety and we are very proud of our primary stud boy; who sports excellent color and has improved the coat clarity and expression of our kittens.