Liteheart Abyssinians

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Updated: 8/24/2022

No kittens available currently. 

Liteheart’s Start Right

This program encompasses our personal philosophy on raising well adjusted kittens, and ensures each of our kittens are highly socialized and prepared for any suitable home situation.

Kittens are most mentally receptive to new situations during their first few weeks of life. When we first started raising abys I did not push the comfort levels of my young kittens but what I observed is that while raising them underfoot is almost always sufficient to ensure socialized kittens, the most loving and comfortable kittens are the ones that receive excessive amount of handling and exposure to new things on a daily basis. 

Liteheart’s Start Right ensures each of our kittens are held daily from the time they are born and receive weekly nail trims. 

In addition to receiving age appropriate vaccinations our kittens are exposed to a wide variety of sights, sounds and situations likely to be encountered in a busy active household. Our kittens are also introduced to harnesses and allowed outdoors time when weather permits. 

Our abyssinian kittens are happiest in homes with high levels of activity and they appreciate constant human and animal companionship. We are proud to offer our premium kittens to wonderful families, knowing our abys will thrive and be excellent feline companions.